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Peter Storkerson, Elka Kazmierczak: co-chairs


Preparing for the Future of Knowledge Presentation

May 30-31, 2003, Institute of Design, IIT Chicago, IL

Experience the conference here via Audio or Video and summaries or papers via html or pdf.

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    Conference Overview by the organizers

Opening Session
  Introduction to Conference and keynote Audio

Introduction Audio

Symbolic Interaction and Knowledge Presentation: from cognitive to affective models Video, html
Neil MacKinnon Department of sociology and anthropology, Guelph University, Ontario

Theme 1:
Communication and Conceptualization

Moderator: Judith Moldenhauer
Introduction Audio

Reading Images: abstract v. concrete representations Video, html (summary)
Gunther Kress London University

Cognition and Diagrammatic Representation Video, html (summary)
Corin Gurr Edinburgh University

Diagrams for Communication Between Designer and Client html (summary)
Krzysztof Lenk Dynamic Diagrams,
Paul Kahn
Kahn + Associates, Paris

Discussion Audio

Theme 2:
Making Information Flow

Moderator: Aaron Marcus
Introduction Audio

Participatory Designing: information and adaptation Video, html (summary)
Elizabeth Sanders SonicRim, Ohio

Visualizing Complexity: getting from here to there in ill-defined problem landscapes Video html
Barbara Mirel University of Michigan,
Leif Allmendinger
Northern Illinois University

Prospect and Flow: making environments intelligible Video, html (summary)
Jorge Frascara University of Alberta

Discussion Audio

Theme 3:
Identifying User Needs

Moderator: Elizabeth Sanders
Introduction Audio

Warsaw Subway Information System / The Design Process Video, html
Roman Duszek Southwest Missouri State University

Producers, Regulators and Users: balancing conflicting demands in medical information Video, html (summary)
Karel van der Waarde Medical Information Designer

Strategies for Visualizing Financial Risk Video, html
Wes Ervin Financial information designer

Gearing Communications to the Cognitive Needs of Receivers: findings from visual literacy research Video, html (summary), pdf
Rune Pettersson
Mälardalen University, Sweden

Discussion Audio

Theme 4:
New Media, New Contexts,
New Knowledge

Moderator: Paul Kahn
Introduction Audio

Multimodality, Representation and New Media Video, html
Gunther Kress London University

Driving Miss Daisy: usable, useful, pleasurable vehicle UI design Video, html (summary)
Aaron Marcus Aaron Marcus and Associates

Discussion Audio

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