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  Expert Forum for Knowledge Presentation
  Preparing for the Future of Knowledge Presentation


Aaron Marcus

  The Next Revolution: Rider/driver vehicle user-interface design
© 2004, Aaron Marcus

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This presentation discusses the revolution taking place in vehicle user-interface (UI) development as vehicles undergo radical transformation, becoming mobile computation and communication hubs. Vehicle telematics already can deliver more information than is humanly possible to understand and to which to respond. Riders/drivers often must make effective decisions and take action in short time frames under great cognitive and emotional load. The presentation defines UI development terminology, including metaphors, mental models, navigation, interaction, and appearance, and shows innovative approaches to vehicle dashboard information display, in particular concept prototypes for revolutionizing information display based on the model of executive information systems (Figure 1). The model currently helps leaders of the business world navigate in fast-changing circumstances. The figures show use of icons, color, and spatial arrangement to guide drivers and the use of branded icons to market products and services (Figure 2). Knowledge visualization and sonification techniques are discussed as well as implications for privacy, telemarketing, loyalty programs, and issues of ethics, business, and aesthetics.


Figure 1. Prototype for dashboard information display.



Figure 2. Use of icons and spatial arrangement for information display.



Aaron Marcus
  Aaron Marcus is founder and President of Aaron Marcus and Associates, Inc. He was the first graphic designer to become involved full-time in computer graphics. He is a visionary thinker, designer, writer, teacher, and professional . He lectures at AIGA, HFES, ICOGRADA, SIGCHI, SIGGRAPH, STC, and UPA conferences. He received the National Computer Graphics Association's annual award for contributions to industry and is Member of ICOGRADA’s Masters of the Twentieth Century. His research interests include theoretical and practical analysis of culture, information visualization, semiotics, usability analysis, and user-interface development.


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