St. Louis,

Center for Aging at Washington University


Visual Design for an Aging Population
Conference presented by the the Center for Aging at Washington University
March 19, 2004

A day long conference on how to address the needs of users in information design. It focuses on medical information, wayfinding and methods of designing for perceptual and cognitive constraints, particularly of older and sensory impaired adults.

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Introduction & Business Models & Design Strategies for an Aging Market
Jack Driscoll
(mit MediaLab)

Sensory Changes with Age Windows Video
Mitch Sommers
(Washington University)

Making the Visible Audible
Kim Ducharme

Learning by Design Windows Video
Meredith Davis
(North Carolina State University)

Prototypes for Interactive Design
Zoe Strickler   

Navigating the Environment
Roger Whitehouse
(Whitehouse and Company)

Medical Information Design for Patients
Karel van der Waarde
(Van der Waarde Graphic Design-Research)

Directions in Aging & Design: A Discussion
Jack Driscoll
(mit MediaLab)